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You know what I mean...

2014-03-08 21:53:02 by JeffBee

I am turning 22 soon... And it is SO F*CKING BAD... Less than a half of a year, and I'm almost old. As we all see, life's going much faster, than we could think. And it is sad... I feel myself old, cus I remember waitings for another work of DIMB, Delamortes... And even MC 8. I was waiting for it. This is my Alt Acc, as everybody knows, but my old got deleted. You may all think like: "Damn, what the hell are you talking about?" I am about a time of me, being a little, tiny part of this universe. Things Changes. i fel my ass too old, cus I even remember an AngryFace design is Audio Portal... Budgers... That's why. I still remember seing "Moustaches" on a front page... People, live your life as good, as you can. Why did I made this post? That's funny. I have less than 9 months left to live. Damn Blood Cancer.


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2014-03-08 23:45:32


JeffBee responds:

Yeah boy, that's how we roll...


2014-03-09 00:33:44

Wha.... :'(


2014-03-09 19:24:09

Life is glancing and you really never know where the next day will take you, but most of us still take life for granted every day. I'm soon 25 and still don't feel quite alive, but reading this post might be the motivation I need to live for the moment; appreciate the details. Really sorry to hear about your condition man! Are you/have you been in for treatment? How long have you had this?

JeffBee responds:

Almost for 2 years, I guess..